Positioning Statement

The Smart Approach.

“The Smart Approach” is an idea deeply rooted in the company’s core competencies. We will work smarter, not harder. We will use our resources to maximize the value for our clients.

Be smart. Take the smart approach.

Our Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

Our Vision

To provide our clients with the most effective professional services in order to help them meet and exceed their goals for today, tomorrow, and into the future. We are professionals ready to help you with all of your relocation needs.

We believe in building valuable relationships with our clients and our business partners.

We believe in creating long lasting value for our clients.

Our Mission

To be the preferred relocation website for military personnel, their friends, their family and the civilian population through operational excellence and service quality; and provide access to businesses and service providers with the highest level of ethical and moral values.

Our Values

Delivery and Execution
We deliver for our clients and service providers. We believe in being the best and serving the relocation needs of our clients and building value for them.

We trust our team to always take “The Smart Approach”. We trust our team to produce value by using operational and sales techniques that are intelligent and resourceful in order to maximize the moral equity of all transactions.

Empowerment and Responsibility
Our employees and service providers are empowered to always do what is right for the client. We are responsible for our actions and we always act in a responsible manner to protect the client.

We are disciplined and responsible. We have a responsibility to our clients, and we won’t let you down; it is not an option.

Growth and Opportunity
We encourage our:

  • Clients to grow by finding service providers in their present and new locations that they can trust
  • Employees to seek education opportunities
  • Employees to share ideas and learn from each other
  • Service Providers to present new opportunities for us to invest in and be a part of

Our Goals

  • Create value for our clients
  • To help our clients reach their relocation goals
  • To help our employees and service providers learn and grow so that they can reach and maintain high levels of income and moral equity
  • To build a company that will have a sustainable future even after the current level of management is gone

Purpose & Strategy


MilitaryRelocation.com believes in helping people make progress and improve their lives. We are prepared to always help you find service providers you can trust to help you move from your present location and then help you move again into your new home. This is possible because we believe in the future and that good things are always within reach. We empower our employees to do things smarter, and we empower them to do what is right.

This is a value that we bestow upon our service providers – they must do what is right.

We believe the most valuable reward is that of moral equity; this involves your family, your happiness, and your satisfaction.

100% of our stock is in creating value and moral equity for you.

Thank you for allowing us to part of this journey.


Our corporate strategy is designed to have various sales and operational activities take place and execute them accordingly.

Implementation and execution are the key elements in creating value for our clients.

Internal Strategic Position – Financial Strength (FS) / Competitive Advantage (CA)
External Strategic Position – Environmental Stability (ES) / Industry Strength (IS)

We will only implement and execute our strategy after each element has been reviewed and scored through a Space Matrix analysis and a S.W.O.T matrix analysis. Once we review the outcome of each analysis, we will then determine which activities to implement and execute.

Business Conduct & Ethics

We follow the business code of ethics as set forth by our parent company (Service Group America, Inc.) in all transactions, submissions, and special offers; we expect our service providers to as well.

The company firmly believes in safeguarding all information about our clients and service providers.

Use of good judgment is encouraged by all employees and service providers both on and off the clock.

We do not believe in being dishonest or acting in a manner that would place you in a negative position at any time with a business transaction.

We are a professional services corporation and are making every effort to be true to the definition of “professional;” it is what we strive for.

Social Media Policy

We do not use social media in a manner that would place our client’s transactions at risk. Social media efforts and activities are closely monitored so that we may always be proactive in order to keep client information and transactions private; we pride ourselves on keeping our business efforts with you confidential. We value your trust and privacy.