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MilitaryRelocation.com is a web site designed to help people (public users) connect online and find teams of relocation professionals that they may contact and potentially hire for local, intrastate, and interstate moves. The site is designed to allow public users the opportunity to find relocation professionals in two formats.

  1. Zip code search – The zip code search will provide results with only one service provider per industry, meaning that when the results are generated only 1 real estate agent will appear, only 1 mortgage professional will appear, etc. The zip code search yields a team of 19 relocation professionals, this is the “Military Relocation Team” for the zip code. Since there is only 1 industry professional per zip, you will not compete with another person of the same industry.
    We do encourage you to pay for more zip code positions or have others in your company pay for additional positions to increase your visibility. There is no guarantee that you will be hired, however the intention of the search results are so that the user will use as many people from the “Military Relocation Team” for the zip code searched as possible. The user may mix and match as they choose, however your business will be on the top of their list to review as one of the “Military Relocation Team” members.
  2. Shop Local Service By Zip code / City Search – The city search produces results for only 1 category. The output is a list of all providers of the same type in the city that was searched for by the user.
    Example: If a user searches for real estate agents in Albuquerque, all of the real estate agents in Albuquerque will be displayed as output.By allowing the user to search by city we can better serve them in the event that they do not need a full “Military Relocation Team.”

Bonus 1 – Each provider’s position/slot has a lead generation tool for instant access to the provider. When the user selects an individual provider’s card, a lead generation tool appears on screen for the user to send a text or short email message directly to the provider.

Bonus 2 – Networking opportunities are available to those who become Military Relocation Service Providers. We encourage all providers to refer work to each other within their zip codes, cities, and across the country! By doing so, you are helping others in the network gain business through referrals, and they help you by doing the same – in the end we better serve the client, and everyone’s mission is a success.

Member Benefits:

  • Exclusivity – Only one service provider per ZIP code, which means you automatically get the business for your area, and your competitors have to be searched for by alternative links.
  • Access – to a national network of service providers – discuss business and marketing ideas/techniques with other providers, and have access to a list of referrals for your clients.
  • Giving Back – the chance to serve those who serve our country
  • Lead Generation – Lead generating tool on each provider page for instant text and email notifications
  • Exposure – let new and current residents know about your company, as well as other businesses in your area and nation-wide!

Sales Regions:

Your business will be added to and over-seen by a Military Relocation representative who is dedicated solely to your area. This means your gets more specialized service faster. Our current Sales Regions.

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Region Title States Included Region Number Region Email Address
Liberty Maine 1 liberty@sitesalessupport.com
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
Empire States New York 2 empirestates@sitesalessupport.com
New Jersey
Capital Delaware 3 capital@sitesalessupport.com
District of Columbia
West Virginia
Crossroads Ohio 4 crossroads@sitesalessupport.com
Great Lakes Michigan 5 greatlakes@sitesalessupport.com
Bluegrass Kentucky 6 bluegrass@sitesalessupport.com
Heartland Missouri 7 heartland@sitesalessupport.com
South Atlantic South Carolina 8 southatlantic@sitesalessupport.com
North Carolina
Gulf Coast Alabama 9 gulfcoast@sitesalessupport.com
Texas Texas 10 texas@sitesalessupport.com
North West Washington 11 northwest@sitesalessupport.com
North Dakota
South Dakota
Wild West Arizona 12 wildwest@sitesalessupport.com
New Mexico
Pacific Coast California 13 pacificcoast@sitesalessupport.com


To update your listings: sitesolutions@militaryrelocation.com

Questions/Suggestions? sitesolutions@militaryrelocation.com

Payments/Billing/Renewal: orders@militaryrelocation.com

Corporate Information:

Military Relocation and Military Relocation Service Provider(s) is a proud member of the parent company Service Group America, Inc. MilitaryRelocation.com as well as MilitaryRelocationServiceProvider.com are based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Military Relocation Service Providers pay only $321 per year.

Terms & Conditions Briefing:

You must agree to be an MRSP for 1 year.
You may list a promotion with your information, but you must honor that promotion for the entire year.
You must abide by the Terms and Conditions of your contract in order to maintain a listing. You are bound by the Terms and Conditions (whether you read them or not) by creating a listing with Military Relocation

  • Read the complete Terms and Conditions here.