What is MilitaryRelocation.com, and what is it for?

MilitaryRelocation.com is a web-based service that connects individuals who need to relocate with Service Providers who are in their present and future living areas that can assist with relocation activities, such as real estate and moving.

Do I have to be in the military to use the site?

No. We answer to the needs of military personnel, their families, and civilians who are in the process of relocating. While we tailor our services to those in the military, all are welcome to use this site.

What can MilitaryRelocation.com offer me – why should I choose this site over the competition?

We are different from competitors; we are here to SERVE:

  • Support – you have questions, we have answers. Relocation can be tough business sometimes, but we’re here to make the ride a little easier by connecting you with professionals for all of your relocation needs and offering excellent customer support services that keep everyone accountable and satisfied.
  • Expertise – our company was created by professionals with experience in real estate, home renovation, property management, financial assistance, moving, and compliance – we know what it means to serve in all facets of relocation, and how important it is to have experienced service providers.
  • Relevant – we connect families who need relocation services with high quality Service Providers on both ends of their relocation – we’re here to meet your needs.
  • Valid – we verify that all of our Service Providers can do what they say they can – we do the leg work for our clients.
  • Ensure – we ensure satisfaction; from validating Service Providers to holding clients accountable. A Military Relocation experience is pleasant and professional all the way around.

MilitaryRelocation.com is all about convenience. We use tools, compile data, and present you with valuable information that is unsurpassed; and all in one place.

How do I know that your Service Providers are reputable?

  • All MRSPs are held to the highest of service and competence standards. Our Service Providers abide by a code of ethics and are routinely re-evaluated. All complaints against MRSPs are investigated by Military Relocation personally.

How do I become an MRSP?

  • Want to get the word out about your business, offer your professional service to those specifically looking for it, and most importantly serve those who serve others? Follow this LINK.

I have more questions, how can I get the answers?

Please click the following link for our CONTACT US page