What does being an MRSP offer your business? EAGLE!

  • Exclusivity - Only one service provider per ZIP code
  • Access - to a national network of service providers
  • Giving Back - the chance to serve those who serve our country
  • Lead Generation – Lead generating tool on each provider page for instant text and email notifications
  • Exposure - let new and current residents know about your company

Military Relocation Service Provider Briefing

  • Perk: You will be the only business displayed for a ZIP code, you also will be listed among competitors through alternative links.
  • Term: You must agree to be an MRSP for 1 year.
  • Price: $321 per year
  • You may list a promotion with your information, but you must honor that promotion for the entire year.
  • You must abide by the Terms and Conditions of your contract in order to maintain a listing. You are bound by the Terms and Conditions (whether you read them or not) by creating a listing with Military Relocation
  • Read the Terms and Conditions here
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